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Company Profile

Timsan GSE

Timsan GSE was established on May 5th, 1982 with domestic capital to manufacture ground support equipment. With 100+ employee, Timsan manufactures in 2 Factories which are located in Istanbul Dudullu, with 5.000 m² Closed and 10.000 m² Open and  in Kocaeli Dilovası MOSB with 5000 m² Closed and 5.500 m² Open Operation Areas which accumulates to a Total of 25.500 . Timsan GSE manufactures towed, electric powered, self-propelled and truck-mounted vehicles for ground handling operations of passenger and cargo in aviation . Timsan GSE provides top quality vehicles and equipment to the Aviation, Logistics and Defense Industry.

Timsan GSE provides in house services to the customers starting from the design phase to the end of entire production process including; sandblasting, painting, quality control, sales, after sale services and spare parts support.
Design Center
Design Center
'Design Center', established with the approval of the T.C. Ministry of Industry and Technology, designs innovative and functional products as per the latest technical and technological developments. Design center develops the products that meet the needs of the customers.
With advanced production capability, Timsan is able to manufacture all its products in its facilities, taking customer demands and international standards into consideration.

The company management  is ruled by CEO Haldun Aksoy, the vice chairman Suat Aytoz and the board member Yusuf Dede. The company's committed (paid-in) capital is 10,000,000 TL.. It is registered to Sultanbeyli Tax Office with tax number 844 003 8181. ITO registration number is 187614.

As Timsan GSE, some of the significant national and international companies that we cooperate with are as follows, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, OnurAir, Çelebi Ground Services, Turkish Ground Services (TGS), Taı, DO&CO, TAV. Additionally, Timsan GSE services to defence industries with some certain designs and products.


Timsan GSE has successfully completed 6 Government Supported R&D projects within the scope of TÜBİTAK-TEYDEB and all end products of these projects have been commercialized.


Our products include baggage and cargo transport vehicles, small towing tractors, passenger stairs, catering, water and septic tanks, conveyor belts, patient transport vehicles, aircraft maintenance vehicles, aircraft defrosters, aircraft loading vehicles, aircraft emergency rescue stairs, aircraft There are 35 Different Produstcs 14 Groups, such as towing equipment and ambulance vehicles.

Timsan GSE has ISO 9001-2015, OHSAS 18001-2007, Utility Model and CE certificates and manufactures as per AHM, CE and EN norms and exports to 65 Countries in 5 continents and to obtain 70% of its annual turnover.


Timsan GSE,  is a member of Timsan Group Companies (www.timsantr.com)